Find 10k In Your Business Right Now

(Without needing to earn another penny)

I teach you to make smart financial moves so you can live the ridiculously happy and fulfilling life you deserve.




Here at Peterkin Financial, splurging isn’t a bad word.

I don’t shame my clients about financial decisions or purchases they make because at the end of the day, people should spend money on the things they truly value, enjoy, and find important. (I promise that your family is way more judgmental of your choices than I’ll ever be.)

So keep sipping Starbucks if that’s your thing - I won’t make you sacrifice your daily dose of caffeine or tell you that your family's tropical vacation means you're doomed to retire at 70. There are more roads to retirement setting up your IRA - and that’s why financial experts like me are supposed to exist.

I’m here to help you feel more confident and in control when it comes to your money. Even if your parents didn’t “do it right,” you totally can. And if you think you’re already too late, you’re not.

What Brings You Here Today?

Whether you’re facing extreme life change, feel like a hot mess around your money, or you just want to get your stuff together, I am ready and excited to support you.

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Personal Planning

“I have all these big personal goals --- and I wish I had the support and confidence to make the best financial decisions to get me there.”

Business Planning

“I own a small business and I know that ‘what I don’t know’ about business finances is costing me money.”

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“If I want to save money for retirement, I have to sacrifice giving my kids the life I want them to live. So I keep saying, ‘I’ll do it later.’”


We can keep the non-negotiables and you can save money on the things you don’t care about.

The Peterkin Promise

It's my business to help you achieve your goals.

Approachable, Always

Some fun facts about me. You'll never catch me working in a suit, but you will find me reading cookbooks for fun and playing in the kitchen. If you would like to high five me on Peloton, my handle is nickydaboss (I'll high-five you back!)

When I'm not having fun doing fun things, I'm having fun helping you make smart choices with your money - and I am the absolute best at it.


With every client, my goal is to understand your values, your goals, and the specifics of your financial situation. Because I intentionally serve no more than 50 clients per year, my nose is happy to be in your business, keeping you top of mind and proactively keeping you informed when opportunities arise that can help you get where you want to be more quickly.

I pride myself on the fact that every client has my cell phone number and can get on my calendar quickly, and every client is my best client. This just isn't possible for most financial planners.

Fee Transparency

The traditional financial advisory model typically involves investment minimums, which means if you don't meet the minimums you can't get help and if you do meet the minimums but aren't a larger client you tend to get less service. That doesn't happen here.

Instead of an investment minimum I have a fee minimum so that clients without traditional assets can choose to pay for the advice that they need regardless of the size of their portfolio.

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