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I teach you to make smart financial moves so you can live the ridiculously happy and fulfilling life you deserve.

Because it's not about what you earn,
it's about what you keep.

The Client Process

how it works

There are only two ways to work with me (if you're not ready for that, I have several DIY courses available):

I run a 6-month-long group coaching program for service-based entrepreneurs + coaches called Profit 2 Wealth, helping them take home more money from their businesses

I take on a very limited number of new private financial planning clients for a traditional financial planning relationship (1 year is the minimum commitment level) 

Either way, our relationship typically starts with a Discovery Call so that we can mutually determine if we're a good fit


Discovery Call

A Profit 2 Wealth Discovery Call is meant for me to learn more about you and your business, answer any questions, and let you know whether I think this group coaching container would be a good fit for you (and why or why not)

A Peterkin Financial Discovery Call is meant for me to learn about you and what you're looking for in a planning relationship, answer any questions, and to decide whether or not a more formal financial consultation makes sense



If the result of your Discovery call was enrollment in Profit 2 Wealth, you'll get access to the program portal with the curriculum, resources, and live coaching schedule. You'll also be granted 1 private coaching call with Nicky with several suggestions on how to best use it to accelerate your progress.

If the result of your Discovery call was a mutual decision to book a more formal financial consultation, you'll be asked to book a video call and required to gather and send all of your financial documents in advance. We will use the meeting to dig into your values, goals, and review your financial data, and if I think there is a mutual good fit, I will invite you to become a client and give you all of the relevant details including the annual fee


Get Creative

Regardless of how we work together, over the next 6- or 12- months, the goal is for me to help you better use your money to create your ideal life. This typically requires creativity from both of us because life and business get messy and there are ALWAYS multiple workable options available.


behind the brand

hey there, it’s nice to meet you - i'm nicky

After losing my dad young, the “sacrifice now to enjoy life later” messaging just didn't resonate with me. I started Peterkin Financial over a decade ago because I wanted to help families with a more balanced approach to money- one that allows them to enjoy life today while building wealth for the long term.

I built a successful business, and even became an author.

As my business and revenue grew, I learned a thing or two firsthand about the unique challenges of financial planning as a small business owner.  Learning how to apply my financial expertise to these challenges despite many failures and lots of trial and error has led to some of my biggest accomplishments yet, which include retiring my husband at 37, getting to spend a ridiculous amount of time with our family (we have a son, Dean who is 1½), and moving across the country to southern California in pursuit of living our best lives, all while having the privilege of continuing to help hundreds of amazing clients and students use their money to do the same. 

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