Creating Your Plan

Our clients come to us with varying degrees of financial knowledge, income, goal planning, and net worth. Some have several layers of planning with no overall plan to tie it all together, and others haven’t put anything in place. Our planning process helps you understand where you are so you can get on the right path and stay the course as life changes.


Financial Audit

“The Lookback”

Phase One

  • Identification of Personal Goals and Values
  • Analysis of all financial documents
  • Snapshot of current financial position
  • Education on existing financial opportunities
  • Alternate analysis to show the impact of making your chosen financial changes
  • Emphasis on honest and open discussion
  • Numbers and emotions are both weighed and considered


“Working the Plan”

Phase Two

  • A prioritized action plan is outlined and presented
  • Changes to the implementation schedule are made based on client feedback
  • Delegation of responsibilities for completion of the action plan is discussed
  • Introductions are made to other professionals and tools where needed in order to help with implementation.
  • Coordination with both the new existing members of your financial team to ensure your planning is optimized


“Staying on Track”

Phase Three

  • Quarterly check ins at minimum to ensure continued financial progress
  • Ability to request additional meetings and calls
  • Modification of the plan and implementation schedule as life happens
  • Ongoing advice