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More About Nicky


Hi, I’m Nicky Peterkin – CEO of Peterkin Financial

I’m a fee-based CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and I take my fiduciary responsibility to my clients very seriously. I believe that most earners are not truly maximizing their financial potential and that ongoing, comprehensive financial planning is the way to achieve this.

I started getting creative with money when I was a teenager, trying to figure out how to get the most spend out of my monthly allowance and later my weekly retail paycheck. When I got into a pre-med program at University, my focus shifted from using my money to buy designer clothes to using it to avoid accumulating student loan debt.

It wasn’t until my dad died during my Junior year that I realized the impact financial coordination (or lack thereof) could have on your financial life. Unlike me my parents were savers, but when the curtain was pulled back I saw very clearly that their financial lives and our family lifestyle could have benefitted greatly from expert advice and coordination. My dad was a chemical engineer- he was smart and professionally successful and with four kids he was busy. Managing the money mechanics was always a big stress for him and it was evident in the way he’d always lock himself in our home office so he could pore over Quicken, his investments, and the bills. Keeping all the balls in the air and making the financial decisions was his role in the division of responsibilities and he had no one to shoulder the burden with him.

We sought out a financial planner after he died and the contrast was stark- it was so much easier to hand over our finances and desires to someone and get a clear roadmap instead of trying to figure it all out alone and unsuccessfully. Instead of sacrificing quality time and more experiences during our short time together, a planning relationship could have given us more lifestyle and less stress from the incomes my parents worked so hard for.

I ditched pre-med for a bachelors in corporate finance realizing that in the medical field my career would always compete with a family and experience-centered lifestyle and that it was still possible to help people in other, more entrepreneurial fields. I was lucky enough to get a paid internship at a corporate bank while I completed my degree and a full-time job offer at graduation, but I turned it down to start my business.

7.5 years later, I’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of people and building a practice that helps me live my ideal life and my clients live theirs.

Because I have a small team and I personally meet with every client 3-5 times per year, I understand I can’t work with everyone. The lessons learned in working with my clients one-on-led to the creation of an educational arm of my business, which was designed to create more impact and help more people. I’m now a published author and have spoken for organizations all over the country about entrepreneurship, modern money management, and how to maximize your financial potential. I’ve also created a set of financial education products and programs, which I’ve offered over the years so that those who can’t work with me one-on-one can still upgrade their financial lives and finally get the clarity they need to do more with their money.

I live with my boyfriend Bobby and our two dogs Grayson and Mojo in the multifamily in Quincy that I bought in my early 20’s. I’m an avid reader (primarily fiction at the moment) and my best life includes lots of travel for leisure, Crossfit, trying new recipes, Celtics games, and spending time with family and friends.

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