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(Without needing to earn another penny)

Cash Clarity Bootcamp

A One-Day Total Financial Upgrade

What is the Cash Clarity Bootcamp?

Cash Clarity Bootcamp is a one-day in-person workshop designed to help ensure a lack of financial knowledge, tools, and strategies aren’t costing you money. You invest one day doing what the average person spends months and sometimes years trying to accomplish: developing a strategy to get their finances organized and optimized.

As a bootcamp participant, you’ll bring in your personal financial documents so you can work on building your financial strategy in real-time. You get the tools and worksheets needed to build your strategy and identify your opportunities built into a workbook that you can refer back to as your life changes. The number of attendees is limited so that you get the attention you need and all your questions are answered without sharing your personal information with the rest of the room.

As a result of the program you’ll:

  • Understand Exactly How To Measure Your Financial Success
  • Learn Ways To Have Less Money Slipping Through the Cracks
  • Really Know What Your Financial Opportunities Are
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