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Personal Planning

Big financial decisions coming up?
Allow me to help.
Buying a House
Upgrading Your Home
Real Estate Investing
Family Planning
Sudden Loss of Loved One Schedule a Discovery Call

Less Money Stress = Better Way of Life

Extreme Life Change

Your spouse is gone and suddenly a heap of financial documents and responsibilities got tossed in your lap. Don't worry or feel weird that you're totally lost. Let me help you.


You're a millennial or ambitious Gen Z-er who wants to get your financial stuff right because your parents never did – and you don't want to pay your student loans until you're 100.

Late Bloomer

You've given everything to ensure your kids are set up for success. But where does that leave you? It is never too late to get your stuff together.


If any of this sounds familiar, you're truly not alone.

You feel funny having so many questions about money. It rhymes and it's true. You know you could struggle through and find answers, but it would feel better to phone a friend.

How do I save for other people (kids, aging parents) while also saving for my own retirement and personal goals? Also – what about vacations? I'm dying for one.

You might be starting late – so it feels like you missed the boat on retirement (or that your ticket would be extremely difficult to manage) – I promise we can get you there together.

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1:1 Planning – What To Expect

Our process starts with a 20-minute discovery call. The purpose of this call is to give you an initial taste of our planning process and to gauge mutual personality fit. There is no hard sales pitch and no financial information is required for this call. At Peterkin Financial, we have a minimum 1-year planning commitment for new clients. Our annual planning fees start at $5,000 and can be billed monthly, in advance, based on the fee.

If you haven't booked your call yet, self-schedule here:

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“Financial Roadmap”

To determine if we're a mutually good fit.
  • Required to bring all of your financial documents for review
  • In-depth goal discussion
  • Snapshot of current financial position
  • Completion of your personalized financial roadmap
  • Decision to work together or part ways
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“Working the Plan”

Overview of your comprehensive step by step plan of action.
  • Customized outline to address recommendations in 6 areas
  • Delivery of your prioritized action plan
  • Delegation of implementation responsibilities
  • Coordination with existing members of your financial team
  • Introductions to new financial team members where needed
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“Staying On Track”

Connect about life changes and re-confirm goals and action plan.
  • Scheduled meetings either in person at our office or virtually via Zoom Video Conference or phone call
  • Unlimited email support between meetings
  • Client site which gives a snapshot of your complete financial life updated in real-time
  • Ongoing advice and accountability to ensure you are aware of opportunities
  • Remain on track so you have the highest probability of achieving your goals
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