the Profit 2 Wealth program

are you ready to keep more of your profits and leverage them into wealth?

A 6-Month program with live support designed to teach you exactly how to increase your profits and confidently build wealth

The Profit 2 Wealth Program

what if I told you there was a different way?

That more profit in your business wasn't all about you cutting expenses or making more money? That there are simple strategies you can implement to help you increase your personal profit – so you can get more out of your current revenue now and as you scale. That once you know about these strategies and decide which ones feel best for you based on your business makeup, personal goals, and overall finances, you can more effectively lean on your CPA, Bookkeeper, and other financial team members to help with the heavy lifting. Because you'll be better equipped to delegate and direct your financial strategy. 

It's not too good to be true- join Profit 2 Wealth to get started

does this sound familiar to you?

Remember reaching that point in your business where you realized you were finally making a lot more money, and it felt so good?

You'd planned to do all the things when you got here!

Finally catch up on retirement savings, invest more, get all the right things in place.

But then you look at your bank account, and it hits you that somehow your increased revenue hasn't translated into as much take home pay as you expected.

How the f*%^ is this possible?!

I must be leaving money on the table because I don't understand how I don't have more money to spend AND more to invest.

But who do I even ask? What if it's just me? Obviously I just need to make more money, but how much more?

The good news is, you're right. You should be able to keep more of what you're earning- I can show you how…


You Don't Know What To Ask

You're a seasoned six-or-seven-figure business owner. You know how to make money, and you know how to run your business. But when it comes to increasing your profits and building wealth outside your business, you're not really sure where to start. Or who to ask. You know it's costing you money, but most of the time, you don't have time to figure it out on your own


You're Not Getting Answers

More than a few times, things have happened that have pushed you to prioritize solving some of your money challenges. You've reached out to your accountant, (or your bookkeeper, your investment manager, or even your contact at the bank you trust) to talk about how to take advantage of the opportunities you hear are available to you as a business owner… and somehow you end up in the same financial position AND feeling like an idiot.  Instead of “that increases the risk of an audit” how about some explanation of the likelihood, what it really means, and some other options you can actually take advantage of that don't have the same risk? Is that too much to ask? So you're here. But now what? Spend time and money finding another professional who may or may not finally give you the help you need? Doesn't seem worth it. And so it goes…


You're Not Getting Results

You're paying people to be on your financial team. To do your bookkeeping, file your taxes, help with insurance and investing, give legal advice, etc. Despite making changes to some members of that team over the years and doing your research and due diligence in hiring them, you never quite have the confidence that they're really helping you to maximize the revenue you're bringing in.  You can't have that confidence because there's a knowledge gap and you don't know how to fill it. You know the truth, the best results come from making good decisions. Decisions about who to delegate to and how. About what opportunities exist and both sides of the risk equation. You can't make great decisions without full information, and you know in the financial realm you don't have it. To be clear, you don't want ALLLL the information- you just want enough to be able to make great decisions about your strategy and team so you an delegate properly without spending $23872897

The Program Details

a virtual course paired with live support

You want results. To strategically bring home more CEO compensation so you have more money to spend, save, give, and invest NOW without needing to sell more. You know your growth is inevitable, it's not about that. If you can figure this out now, and implement it with your team, you know you can get even more from the next revenue jump. But you need flexibility + live support. A blend of both. That's why Profit 2 Wealth is a hybrid. The curriculum is taught in easily digestible modules, in multiple formats (audio, video, and text) that you can easily fit into your schedule. Then there are three live components. You get live, monthly coaching calls with Nicky, the ability to submit questions weekly that Nicky will respond to with personalized video responses so you have multiple avenues to get the results you need, AND at one private one-on-one call with Nicky to use however you want (with the opportunity to earn a second call- just for doing the work!). There is an insane amount of support in this program so that you can get the answers you need for YOUR situation.


From Past Students

the success stories


Rachel C

Before I joined Profit 2 Wealth, despite running a revenue-generating consulting business and having a well-funded retirement savings, I didn’t have a plan.

Thanks to Nicky and joining Profit 2 Wealth, I feel more confident and relieved about my finances.

Nicky and her team are available every step of the way; all of the on-demand resources, and multiple avenues for 1-on-1 and group coaching and support were perfect for a busy professional like me who needs flexibility and personal support.

I highly recommend P2W to anyone looking to turbocharge your finances so you can focus on what matters in your personal and professional life.


Elizabeth M

I have been working as a solo entrepreneur for fourteen years, and I feel so fortunate to have discovered Profit 2 Wealth.

With Nicole's thoughtful, creative, and compassionate guidance, I was able to begin to build and implement systems for my business that helped me move successfully out of the downturn of the pandemic into a successful present.

At each step of the process, Nicole was there to listen, inspire, and offer concrete and creative problem solving advice. I feel supported by a community of fellow entrepreneurs, each of whom is in a different stage of their business, and all of whom want everyone else to succeed.

For me, anxiety around money can get in the way of the kinds of executive functioning needed for a well run business. I found P2W to be a system that taught me the skills I needed to be a more successful entrepreneur, and the individual attention and creative problem solving Nicole gives each student is priceless.

I am so glad I decided to join P2W!


Michele W

Nicky is more than a financial planner.  She is a coach, your biggest supporter, and a generous life strategist.

Before working with Nicky I was struggling with how to take control of my finances both as a business owner and an individual.  I’ve had lifelong struggles with money and a challenging relationship with money management.  And I didn’t want some old white dude telling me to “save, save, save” for retirement.  I needed someone who could think outside the box.  

I tried “doing a budget” on my own and cutting expenses, but I was never very good at sticking to a budget or understanding how to build wealth for my business and me.  

I felt so defeated and disempowered, and I dreaded having to look at my finances.   

Today I, actually get excited to look at my finances!  I feel more empowered and capable of being the CEO of my business and my life.  

I would recommend working with Nicky to anyone who feels disempowered, confused, and scared by their finances! 

Meet THE Program CREATOR + Leader

hey again, it’s nicky

I'm a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Author, and Entrepreneur.

As my business and revenue grew, I learned a thing or two firsthand about the unique challenges of financial planning as a small business owner.  Learning how to apply my financial expertise to these challenges despite many failures and lots of trial and error has led to some of my biggest accomplishments yet, which include retiring my husband at 37, getting to spend a ridiculous amount of time with our family (we have a son, Dean who is 1½), and moving across the country to southern California in pursuit of living our best lives, all while having the privilege of continuing to help hundreds of amazing clients and students use their money to do the same. 

I'm on a mission to help hundreds of entrepreneurs squeeze more out of their business revenue by getting their money to work smarter AND harder for them for maximum results (and maybe even more husbands retired 😉).


What's Included

6 months of live, virtual instruction with a certified financial planner™ (and fellow entrepreneur of 12+ years)

Course Materials and resources focused on giving you only what you need as quickly as possible

Connect with a Community of Fellow Students who are also committed to increasing their personal profits- fast

module one - profit

Yes, the typical way to increase your profits is to make more, spend less, or a bit of both. 

What you learn in the Profit module goes beyond the basics and into the tax and financial strategies  you can layer on top (or if you want, use instead!). 

You'll learn about what strategies exist, which ones are available to you and make the most sense to implement based on your cashflow, financial needs, and personal goals, and will have support in leveraging these in order to maximize your personal profit (aka take home more money from your business)

What's Included:

  • Assessing your current compensation
  • Understanding your taxes (so you can pay less of them)
  • Exploiting existing inefficiencies (aka recouping the money slipping through the cracks)
  • Designing your new CEO compensation package
  • Making your new comp plan easy to implement
  • The evolution of your comp plan (how to scale it as you scale your business)

module two - wealth

If you want to build real wealth, investing is mandatory- not optional. 

As an entrepreneur, there are many different ways to grow your money, but investing by leveraging tax-advantaged accounts strategically is the ONLY way to keep more of the profits you decide to invest 

There many different tax systems and earned income (like the salary and profits you generate in your business or the rental income you collect from your investment properties) gets taxed at the highest rates- the more you earn the more the next dollar gets taxed. 

By understanding your opportunities and intentionally planning your investment strategy through the lens of minimizing risk AND taxes, you can get your hard earned profits into a different tax system (hello, long term capital gains rates!) or out of the tax system altogether.

In Profit 2 Wealth, we're all about diversifying your investments to both reduce risk + minimize taxes so that you aren't leaving your net worth or legacy up to chance and can keep more of what you're building so you have more to spend, more to save, and more to give.

What's Included:

  • Assessing your current balance sheet
  • Understanding compound interest (so you can use it to your advantage)
  • Exploiting tax opportunities + growth opportunities
  • Designing your new personal balance sheet
  • Making your wealth building easy to implement
  • The evolution of your wealth building (how to scale as you max out your plans)

ready to enroll?


Not necessarily. Profitable just means you spent less than you made in your business this year or this quarter. 

Which is good- spending less than you make is fundamental. 

If you’re consistently profitable, you might have money left and building in your checking and savings. You can also be profitable on paper (aka in Quickbooks or your tax return), and have nothing to show for it in your bank and investment accounts- that’s another story (unfortunately a pretty common one)

Here’s the thing- if you’re profitable because you’re spending less than you bring in and that’s the extent of it- you’re likely leaving money on the table.

You can significantly reduce your taxes, thereby increasing your profit, while spending the same amount and without needing to sell more by taking things a step further and implementing tax and financial strategies. 

That is what I teach and help you implement during our 6 months together in Profit 2 Wealth. We maximize your Profit and then we leverage it into wealth.

Aren't you already delegating your finances and not getting the results you're looking for and really want?

I was. I had a bookkeeper, a CPA, a business attorney, and am a Certified Financial Planner™ myself. I had a team of financial professionals I was paying well and trusted, and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted before learning what I teach in this program. Maybe you're reading this because you can relate?

I'd like to say that now that I know what I know about how to maximize profits and better use my business to build wealth, that my team was the problem. That if you put together a team that looks like “x” you can delegate all of this. But that's just not true.

You can never fully delegate your finances because you are the only one who knows what is going on in your life and business, what your situational risk tolerance is, and what your current priorities are at any point in time. And any entrepreneur knows that it's a constantly moving target.

You need to have an adequate level of financial knowledge that allows you to properly communicate with your team, ask the right questions, give them the right information about what you’re trying to accomplish, know when it's crucial to get help, and be able to work effectively and efficiently with them in order to get great results both now and in the future

Profit 2 Wealth equips you with the knowledge you need to confidently guide and co-create a strategy you can properly implement with your team so you can take more home from your business today and for years to come.


The short answer is you should be bringing in at least 6 figures, have done so for at least 2 years, and know how to make money in your business to get the most benefit from Profit 2 Wealth. 

The longer answer is revenue isn’t the determining factor, your situation is. That’s why I offer Profit 2 Wealth Discovery calls they’re a way for me to help you determine whether you can easily get a return on your investment in the program.

So if you're not at the six-figure mark (maybe by choice) or are beyond that but have less than 2 years in business, and you feel like the program is a worthwhile investment for where you are, let's chat. I'll tell you straight up if it doesn't sound like a good fit to me.

We had a seasoned entrepreneur in the last cohort who’s been in the $80k- $100k in revenue for the last several years but has low business expenses and a spouse with a steady paycheck- P2W had a huge ROI for her and she said the program and related support were crucial in helping her regain her financial footing and start rebuilding wealth after some tough financial hits during covid

We had another student in one of the last cohorts who was only in her second year in business tracking for 6 figures, no bookkeeper or financial help, and no spouse, but was crystal clear on how to make money and had no trouble planning based on last year’s numbers. She also had incredible results from the program, was able to implement strategies to increase her salary and reduce her taxes, started investing, and put together her financial team with my support during her cohort

While those stories are great, and I'm proud to have been bale to support those entrepreneurs, I also have a multi- 7 figure coach who found an extra $107k in tax savings she can pocket in the next 12 months implementing several of the exact core strategies I teach in module one of Profit 2 Wealth- and we haven't even scratched the surface

So revenue isn’t everything, but more revenue typically means bigger numbers in your pocket. We’re focused on helping you take home more money from your business in this program and “more” is directly correlated and often proportional to your revenue. You can’t pay yourself $100k if you’re bringing in $105k, right?

The higher your revenue, typically the easier it is to get more immediate return on the strategies shared in P2W both from a tax savings perspective and a personal income perspective.

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have more questions?

You can find me on Instagram @peterkinfinancial and send me a DM or a voice memo there if you have lingering questions about Profit 2 Wealth. Or, if you prefer to email me- press the contact button below and send me a note- I read and reply to every single one.