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If you’re looking for a financial planner to help you identify which investing and financial planning strategies are best suited to help you achieve your goals and to provide advice and accountability on an ongoing basis so that you can stay on course- it’s possible we’re a good fit.

Our clients are typically…

Either already financially independent or hold financial independence as a high priority.

For some this means they are retired or quickly approaching retirement or a scaled-back work life. For others, traditional retirement is either not appealing or too far away to be a strong motivator so the focus is on building a strong financial system so that working for a paycheck becomes optional.

Not focused on day-to-day stock market performance.

Our clients are focused on achieving their most important goals- not necessarily a certain portfolio balance. They understand that there are market fluctuations, but they aren’t overly concerned with the ups and downs as long as ultimately, they have a plan in place to help meet their long-term goals.


Confident that there are more important things in life than money.

In other words, they are financial delegators. They have families, friends, and hobbies and would rather spend time doing the things they enjoy than researching financial strategies, tracking the market, or comparing insurance policies. They hire us to do the research, make the recommendations, and hold them accountable to the plan and their goals.

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially minded employees.

About half of our clients are small business owners or commission-based salespeople and the other half work at companies for a salary. Typically our clients who are employees are interested in and own rental real estate, have a side business, or are interested in entrepreneurship.


Fast action-takers and implementors.

Our clients are successful and they’re serious about making smart choices with their money so they typically take action on our recommendations pretty quickly. This doesn’t mean everything gets done immediately, but it does mean they work hard to accomplish the action items related to their planning within the timeframe we’ve agreed upon so that they can seek the benefits from the advice they’ve received.

Does this sound like you?

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